PHP MySQL Database

PHP connect with Different Databases like Oracel, MS SQL Server, Mysql and etc.

Due to MySQL Performance & Speed Maximum PHP Apps are using MySQL.

What is MySQL

  • MySQL is a database system used on the web
  • MySQL is a database system that runs on a server and it is cross platform.
  • MySQL is ideal for both small and large applications
  • MySQL is very fast, reliable, and easy to use
  • MySQL uses standard SQL
  • MySQL is free to download and use and is developed, distributed, and supported by Oracle Corporation
  • MySQL is named after co-founder Monty Widenius’s daughter: My

The data in a MySQL database are stored in tables. A table is a collection of related data, and it consists of columns and rows.

Databases are useful for storing information categorically. A E-commerce platform may have a database with the following tables:

  • Customers
  • Products
  • Shippers
  • Orders

MySQL Query

Standard SQL Queries Text Base which contains Some Special Keywords with Table name and tables fields. below is the example of Simple Select Query

SELECT FirstName,LastName,PhoneNumber FROM Customers